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Four-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome has talked about his low-carb diet. Ultrarunner Zach Bitter, the 100-mile American record holder, highlighted why he eats almost no carbs in an.

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For Zach Bitter, who can travel ultramarathon distances faster than pretty. Here's how he makes an ultra-low-carb diet work-and how you can do the same .

Zach Bitter is an ultra-marathon runner who holds. Bitter discussed his decision to switch to a keto-like diet designed to turn him into a more efficient fat-burner. In 2011, Bitter said.

Evolving Diet and Sample Day I have made it no secret on my blog that I prefer a diet rich in fat. As an athlete who has done a fair amount of "guinea pigging" myself, I have found that I feel better when my diet is comprised of at least 50 percent fats.

Ultramarathon world-record holder Zach Bitter recently explained how changing his diet helped improve his performance. Our bodies might work better when we’re burning fat as fuel. From a health.

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In the past, Zach followed a high carb diet, which is typical of many endurance athletes. But once he started training for ultra-marathons, he noticed it was getting harder to recover from these grueling events, plus he was experiencing energy swings during the day and had problems sleeping at night.

Top endurance athlete, author, podcaster and coach, Brad Kearns rejoins The Nation to talk about fueling and metabolism. Fat-adapted poster-child and coach, Zach Bitter co-hosts and gives us perspective from his experiences. The Primal Endurance book. Primal Blueprint web site

I could taste the salty, bitter drops, and it seemed to propel me forward. s Minneapolis location on Lyndale and 54 th Street 30 minutes before the class-as Zach the manager advised-to get my hands.

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Is the Ketogenic Diet Right for You?. Last year, Zach Bitter, another ketones-adapted runner, set the American record for 100 miles on a track-11 hours 40 minutes 55 seconds. Data from a.