At this moment in time online everyone is trying to get their couple of seconds of fame in the way of social media. The question facing the large corporate companies and their brands, is how to rise above the noise and get their product in front of the right eyes.

When you search on Amazon for branding and marketing books they always talk about big named brands like Apple, Mc Donalds, Starbucks and how they did it, but never show how the small to medium do it.

Questions Small to Medium Business Should Be Asking

First, Where can I position myself so I can win? Focusing on a certain area in your niche where you can outperform is crucial. Also, you want to answer questions like, how can I do it better than the rest? Asking yourself theses types of question will bring you results. Specializing in a certain area can tilt the odds in your favor towards your brand.

What Has Been My Most Valuable Avenue To Date

And probably the simplest answer would be content, which had a regular distribution plan in place. Regular blogging on your site with quality content is the way forward. Now you need a way to get it out there so people can see it.

Social network sites like Linkden, Twitter, Facebook, Email Marketing and Press Release just to name a few. You use these platforms to scale up your personal relationships with the customers, and they will more and likely come back to you again. Each of these platforms is different, so a different strategy is needed for each one.

Once you set up your social sites you need to be proactive from within, the last thing you want is your site to be outdated, thus needing a whole update on your website. This is where a good SEO Belfast company can help if you are in the UK or use Webimax SEO Carrickfergus Company outside of that.

Your website is the first port of call for most customers. As soon as they see your company name they search for you online. This is where you need to create a good visual experience, which reflects your business. A professional looking site is good for starters. Your website is an effective sales tool, so you need to keep investing in it. Whether in SEO, content updates, PPC, etc.. There is no silver bullet for one company to the next. You just have to put your strategy in place and tweak it as you go.


Shortcut to Success

Use the 3Vs to promote your branding, Volume, Value, Velocity. Pick one of those for the next 6 months, and then look at your marketing sales after that.